Hi everyone, 
Well it has been ages since I updated my website! I have been touring around the world with my band Solas  for the last while and I finally have some time off the road to update you all with some news. Just arrived home from a brilliant tour in Brittany, France. It was just beautiful and we can't wait to go back! My solo album "Lost Girl Found" has made it into the hands of so many of you at our concerts, and i just want to say thank you to you all for buying the cd. I hope you are all enjoying it! It is also still available for sale on CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon! Now for some really good news! I was offered a faculty position at the New England Conservatory in Boston for the fall semester 2015! I am beyond thrilled and excited! This is where I studied violin and graduated as a young music student all those years ago, so it is extra special for me! More details to follow and will keep you posted as to how I get on!! That's all for now, Thanks everyone, Love Win

Winifred Horan: Lost Girl Found